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Mavic 2 Pro wind sensitivity?


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Dec 24, 2016
Dammeron Valley, UT 84783
I have used a Phantom 3 Pro and a Mavic Pro for years to make videos. Over the past few days I started to use the Mavic 2 Pro to do the same. I am very happy with the camera image and video quality however I noticed a lot of gimbal yaw instability when panning while flying sweeping curves. It appears to me as the AC struggles through turns with only little amounts of wind and the gimbal is unable to compensate for jerky turn movements.

Neither of the previous drones had this kind of problem most certainly not to this extent. I tried recalibration everything but it did not help. Have any of you that are taking noticed this issue? If not, maybe I have bad M2P.
Oh well I have to correct my prior observation with an update: it turns out the M2P is incredibly stable in high winds. The issue I observed all related to the substandard quality of the IMU in the DJI Goggles when head tracking flight is used and the drone is directed to yaw (pan across a landscape). It will be very erratic. However with head tracking turned off completely all motions are completely smooth even with 20+ MPH wind gusts. I am very happy with the M2P and rather disappointed with the goggles in particular the IMU of the goggles.
I've tested it in 25+ MPH wind and much better at holding position than the MP ever was, probably due to weight and larger power and rotors
I agree it is amazingly stable and much better in fighting headwind too. My observation relates completely to a goggle yaw control issue. Sucks!
I've flown mine in 35km winds and higher on exposed high ground and found it did an excellent job, but this is my first drive so nothing to compare it to.
I've gotten wind warnings with winds supposedly 13mph. At least that's what UAV Forecast claims but not sure I buy it. Seems like 22+mph. It flew fine and probably would be OK but I wasn't trusting it, particularly over water. Video was stable for the minute I did fly it, even with the bird bouncing around a bit in the air.
This evening wind fell light here so I took it up a bit higher than usual to see sunset - started getting wind warnings with yellow scrolling second stage one too.
It held position, as I was coming back down it picked up again at lower levels with gusts of 25mph.
So I guess it was at least that at blahblah feet
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i’ve flown it in winds gusting to well over 30mph and it was very stable with no negative effects on video
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