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Mavic 3 Classic HUGE PROBLEM

Update information is available in the release notes, which will provide the owner with some semblance of what is claimed to be included. What is in said release notes may also include some extra baggage that some not be tickled pink with.
I have found research is best. Your results may vary.
I agree to research just about everything ever in the world. I can't argue that! +1
So my Mavic 3 Classic arrived today and was absolutely buzzing

Opened the box everything was going well, updated to the latest filmware and then boom, about 30 error codes straight away

I’ve tried downgrading and reupggrading filmware on the Drone and RC

Tried doing it all outside and waiting for satellites but get absolutely no luck at all

It also won’t let me calibrate anything at all, it’s like the drones been completely bricked,

Absolutely gutted, anyone know any fix?

Previous to this I purchased the Mini 3 and this has a problem last week where I had to send that back too, so around £2500+ I’ve spent in just under 2 weeks🙃
Any further news on this Charlie? Did the replacement arrive?
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Hi mate!

Arrived and it’s perfect just made my first ever video, can you tell me how I did?

Does the video show in the correct orientation on a phone, or do you have to turn your head with that too?
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