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Mavic Air 2 repair

I might. Thanks for the advice!
Go to Click on Support to go to MAVIC Drones and click on Support. You will get a page like this and then search for telephone number, You could try the number I have +1 818 23500789
Try this number and tell me if you got any help

God Luck

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 8.22.09 PM.png
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Too bad there isn't an option in the advanced parameter setting in drone-hacks to get this taken care of. I guess that would've been too easy for everyone. But should be something available in my opinion after paying a high price to purchase a nice drone.
Update. I purchased the needed software which is about 800megabytes in total from DJI Solutions and was able to remove both errors from my drone. Downgraded Firmware back to what it used to be with drone-hacks and applied all possible hacks to increase flight experience. I chose not to give them remote access and pay a higher price instead but my mission is accomplished and drone is back to normal. Software can be used as many times as I like.
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