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Mavic Air lens removal tool 3d printer design

This video shows a similar trick you could try with the flat USB Type-C cable that comes with the Mavic Air:

I'm not quite sure why you're riding on my topic to push your video, but there's certainly a few different ways to solve this. Makers might like to have a 3d printed design - is fun to create and build your own tools and such.
I'm not quite sure why you're riding on my topic to push your video
Sorry for the confusion. It's not my video. It seemed on topic since that video shows a way to create a wrench with the USB Type-C cable that comes in the Mavic Air box. I thought it could be useful for those people who don't have a 3D printer.

BTW, I'm assuming "lscotte" (the creator of that wrench design) is you. If so, did you find the need to coat the inside of that wrench with some type of rubber to make it grip the camera ring? It seems like it might just slide when rotating since both the ring and plastic wrench are smooth on the surfaces where they meet.
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