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Mavic Air panorama pictures not stitched together very precisely


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Dec 3, 2017
Zürich, Switzerland
So I've been taking a few panorama pictures (either horizontal or 360°) with my Mavic Air, and it seems the automatic stitching isn't doing a very precise job. Where the pictures are stitched together, a blur can be seen where the different pictures aren't aligned properly. This is on days with only light winds (10-15 km/h max as reported by AirData).

A few examples can be found here: Dropbox - mavic air panoramas - Simplify your life

Is anyone else noticing this? Is this just the way it is? I already Calibrated All The Things™. Thank you!
When I took a few I did not notice much issue. But then someone pointed out this issue (there is another thread on this). I went back and looked at mine and noticed that it was not the best.

Personally, I think DJI is really lacking in the software area. Stitching together pano views is not new tech. It has been around for years and pretty much every camera company has it.
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Panorama stitching in drone is bad in most of times, especially when it is not perfectly stable due wind. I think there is no computing power in drone to do it better.
I really miss possibility to turn it off and have only unstitched pictures for stitching it in computer. And no wasting energy and time by stitching it on the fly.
I using ICE for stitching and it also smoetimes have stitching errors when i take panorama in strong wind warning and drone drift little bit..
But final resolution and quality is far better than picture from drone and viewing it with KuulaVR app on Samsung GearVR or Cardboard is really fantastic..

Also important thing is not to move drone until there is message that sky was computed because in other way it delete all pano DNG/JPG pictures...
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You will always get way better stitching by using something like Photoshop. You just need to check the box in the app that also saves the panorama images individually so you can do so later.
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This is the 1st thing I've noticed as well with the Panos, best bet is to save the raw files and use something like Image Composite Editor and do it youself. The pano on the SD card is basically just a preview
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