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Mavic Air skin template (Actual size)

I would really appreciate if you wanted to send it to me too. kenneth (a)

Best regards //Kenneth
cant understand that link give email address to send it to and i will gladly do so
Thanks for the template's you shared. Had a carbon vinyl sheet laying around and manually cut a few pieces and here is the result. This is WIP so just cut a few pieces. Battery indicator holes were missing, so had to improvise.

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Estoy interesado en descargarlo pero no puedo encontrarlo, alguien podría compartirlo.
I convinced myself (at age 70) with still pretty good eyes, and after 1 year of extensively flying, that skins don't really improve the visibility significantly. Most of the time, I regain visual by its sound rather than sight. I did want some protection against scratches so I covered the top of my MA with left over ipad screen film and 2 small pieces where the blades fold against the top edges (silver). Adds a nice sheen,no fingerprints.


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Any updates on the File with all the correct cutouts for LED's and Button?
The button and LED cutouts are actually there for the battery... they're just under the top portion of the battery has to be sent to back on the cut file


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