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Mavic Air slower after 6 months


Oct 7, 2018
I had the MA updated with the .500 firmware and have realized that the speed was slower (60kmh downwind, 50kmh upwind in sports mode, 23-25kmh in pmode). I then thought a little about the speed recently on the .400 and found the speed was pretty much the same recently. I remembered that even the spark used to be so much faster in both s and p (when obstacle avoidance was off).
When comparing the air to its the state as new, the speed in sport mode has dipped some 7-10kmh and 3-7kmh in pmode which seems a lot.

I thought about the factors
- Temperature - I have hit 70 kmh during summer and at 27 C in shadow in the afternoon with a lot of sunshine the air would not have been as dense as today at 20 C in the evening.
- Wind - today was very quiet and I could not feel the wind much at all. Having said that the speed difference was as significant as when I have hit 70kmh, only much slower in both directions.
- Props - have not been changed during the course of the 6m+. Although they look pristine and am very careful, when comparing them to the spares, the tips seem to have a ever so slightly different angle. The rest of the props seem OK. I always thought that the case for the air bends them a bit, but never really got to see them "damaged" so to speak.
- Obstacles - I tested this in an open field (the same where I hit the 70kmh) at 14+m high, I do not think the obstacle avoidance would have slowed the aircraft down for safety, or would it?

Did anybody have any similar experience?
So todays elaboration with fresh props shows that the props are a factor. I got some 5-8kmh out of them. It was not the same as before, but definitely props seem to be a factor, interesting .....
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