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Jun 26, 2017
I have two batteries for my Mavic. Over a month ago I started having an issue with one of the batteries. The battery charges just fine and will power up the Mavic however the app says there is a battery error and will not let you do anything more than power on. The LED indicator blinks twice which according to the manual is an "Over current detected error". I was unable to find a solution for it online. Since I still had one battery I hadn't been very aggressive, ie. contacted DJI, about the issue.
This past weekend I started to update my Mavic's firmware with the good battery. The battery was somewhere in the three light region, roughly 75%, when I started the update. I left it while it was updating and when I returned everything was powered down. I turned it back on and it would not connect with the controller. I noticed the two middle lights on the battery wouldn't turn off and I was unable to power down the Mavic. I cringed while I removed the battery from the Mavic while it was on but it was the only way to get it to power back off. I was able to use my bad battery, see above, to power the Mavic back on and complete the firmware update. Now when I insert the battery, which still has the two middle lights lit, it will power up the Mavic instantly with out pushing the power button. It then says that a peripheral is out of sync with the firmware and asks me to update. I agree to update but it won't let me because it gives a warning that the battery is below 50%. The app says the battery is at 0% even though the Mavic is on. I have tried charging the battery overnight hoping it would just push through the error but it changed nothing. So now I have a Mavic with a battery that will not allow flight do to a "Over current detected error" and the other I believe is because the firmware was interrupted during an update and crashed the battery. Does anyone have any suggestions to try before I go to DJI for help? Any suggestions are appreciated. FYI... I did order another battery that I will receive Wednesday. Thanks
Amazing that DJI tech support has no clue but the users are able to come up with a solution. Thank God for the various forums and helpful people on them.

I fixed my two light issue. I installed the desktop assistant software and connected the drone to the laptop and it allowed me to bypass the 50% error and updated the battery. Still not solution for "Over current detected" though.
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