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Mavic-II PRO - DJI removal of D-Cine!!!


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Jan 22, 2018
Why DJI? Why did you remove D-Cine fcrom the Mavic-!! PRO????

D-Cine is the best 8bit high dynamic range profile that the Mavic and Phantoms have. It's not true "log" but it still protects the highlights and sees further into the shadows than the standard profile does. It's a good 8bit compromise and one that we all have typically shot in for years.

Now, order you get more dynamic range, we are FORCED into using "full" log with 10bit HEVC which is harder to edit and often not necessary!

I fully understand the benefits of log. I absolutely get it, but WHY "remove" this trusted option completely? Why remove the "CHOICE" for people to stay in an EASY 8bit editing CODEC?

I makes no sense. The Mavic Zoom still has D-Cine but it's gone from it's sister PRO aircraft. Can anybody explain to us why removing D-Cine on the PRO was a "good thing"?

DJI,....please put it back! Please give your customers the CHOICE again.

I think you only get 10 bit if you use the 4k-HD (crop) mode. Everything else is 8.
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That's unfortunate. I was using D-Cine all the time on my Phantom, since D-log was useless with the 8-bit color and compression. So there's no D-Cine in 8-bit mode as well? I'm afraid H265 at 100Mbps will be too "thin" to handle log for grading leaving us with poor options. Hope they can add this back in a firmware update, but I might be too optimistic, since the colors come from Hasselblad and D-Cine is not a Hasselblad thing.