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Mavic Pro 2 Panorama

Feb 5, 2017
I tried to ask this question before in another thread but i lost it.
Where is Panorama Mode in the Mavic Pro 2? I haven't seen it anywhere but hear people talk about using it.
Thank you for any answers up front!
Its in the camera settings.
I know seems like it should be in the intelligent flight modes.
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Although the OP found it, I thought I should share the following.

I was shooting a POI using the relevant intelligent flight mode and although I had stopped the POI movement, I was still on that intelligent mode.
Well, when you are on than flight mode, the Panorama option is not available at the camera menu.

You have to go back to normal flight mode so that the Panorama mode can be available as an option on the Camera menu.
Been reading up about various ways to capture panorama shots.

Some have mentioned shooting manually, that is turning the drone, tilting the gimbal up and down.

Shooting Panoramic Photos with P4P, Advice?

Shooting panoramas manually with the Phantom is faster and easier than any automated "solution"
Here's a really basic description I wrote 2 years back:
The basics are pretty simple.
Just take a series with a decent overlap between all images and put them into the stitching software.
The P3 makes it easy with hands on the controller - click, turn, click, turn, click.
The big screen makes it easy to check your composition.
Then lots of practice to improve and keep looking for strong subjects and good lighting to make the big picture.

Shooting a second (or third) row gives the panorama more depth.

He's got some very good results with multi row panos.

Then others talk of using automated capture in apps>

If you want to have the drone do it for you (I love having my drone get a view of the surroundings while I stop and eat my lunch while traveling, for example), then you can use an app that supports programmed Panoramas. My favorite is Litchi, which is available for both Android and iOS. It isn’t free, but it doesn’t take long for it to pay for itself. Within Litchi you can set where you want to start, how many images you want on each row, and how many rows you want to capture. You can even put a delay between shots if you’re otherwise pushing the performance of your drone or mobile device too hard.

How to Create and Share 360-Degree Panoramas With Your Drone - ExtremeTech

He also references DJI Go app. having automated panorama modes:

Just as smartphones have added Panorama modes, drone makers have been adding automated 360-degree Panorama modes. DJI, for example, has added a 1-click Panorama option to the latest versions of its DJI GO application. The new mode allows your supported drone to take a pre-defined series of shots and stitches them for you. If you want a quick way to get a reasonable capture, this is ideal. It has four modes, with Sphere being the one to use to create a 360-degree image. Sphere mode captures 34 images and automatically stitches them for you into a composite JPEG.
As with almost any photography, you can get the best quality from your drone’s camera by shooting in RAW mode. For the Mavic Pro, that means 12MP DNG files. One cool trick with DJI’s Pano mode is that if you set your camera to RAW before using it, you’ll get both a stitched JPEG and all the initial RAW files that you can process yourself later.

Does DJI Go have custom panorama formats like how many images and rows you want, like the Litchi app. seems to provide?
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