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Mavic Pro accessories on eBay


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Jul 29, 2018
Somewhere up north
Just wondering about quality of these products on eBay from China. Things like a sun hood for the gimbal/camera and a controller stick protector. Are they just copies and do they function well? Take an age to arrive if I did order, bit they're quite cheap.
Items like that which are not mechanical in nature I'd say are fine. Most things are just copies. There's a million and 1 stick protectors out there. Blade clamps etc.

I'd be more concerned with mechanical things being legit.
Yeah, I'd never order anything like that. They have cheap propeller blades on there too, but I'm sceptical to them. Noticed they had some extended landing gear with suspension too, which looked interesting.
Are they just copies...?

More often than not, they're the original, and are the exact same (I mean exactly the same product) without some other brand name and price mark-up attached to them. But yeah, only use DJI blades. Everything else is fine.
I would not trust cheap propellers, but most non critical items seem to work well.

I purchased a spare clear plastic gimbal cover because my original is scuffed, which shows up on the videos. I fly in some rocky and brushy areas in the desert, so I want to protect the camera. The Chinese gimbal cover is wavy and pretty much useless except for protection. You cannot get a clear video through it.

However, I purchased a sun shade camera protector for 99 cents (shipping included) that is actually pretty good. It was so cheap I ordered three and am glad I did.

For DJI Mavic Pro Drone Sun Shade Lens Hood Glare Gimbal Camera Protector Cover | eBay

Some of the items sold on eBay are straight off the DJI production lines or they may have slight cosmetic defects. That's common with Chinese manufactures.

I've ordered a number of eBay items straight from China over the past couple of years and never felt like I got screwed. Sometimes you get what you pay for, but most items are bargains.
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