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Mavic Pro Battery repair - what are my options


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May 26, 2024
Surrey, UK
I am new here and new to flying drones but
I recently got into possession of a Mavic Pro with 3 batteries. Unfortunately all 3 batteries are dead. I’ve ordered a replacement battery from AliExpress but it would be nice to ‘repair’ the Mavic Pro batteries.
I’ve watched a few video’s and read the thread on the DJI Battery Killer program.
It seems that the original Mavic Pro batteries are more difficult to repair.
Does anyone have the PIN layout for the original Mavic pro battery? Is the SDA and SCL really not accessible from the battery PINs?
This video seems to be specific to Mavic Pro
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I have an IMax B6 charger (and a LiPo charging bag), soldering equipment, multimeter etc and I’ve got the CP2112 board on order, so I should be able to do the mods. But I am confused on why he uses a NiHM program to charge the battery. I thought these are LiPo batteries?
When I charge my other LiPo batteries I normally connect another small connector for the balance charging (e.g. for a 3 cell LiPo it would have 4 pins - one for each cell and GND).

Has anyone managed to actually replace the batteries and get it back to life?
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Welcome you should be able to find a wealth of info at GITHUB. I know people who have done it
I myself don't fool with batteries. BUT it is Doable for sure.
One wrong connection and that battery will go off like an incendiary hand grenade. OP I sayeth verily unto thee, forsaketh yee all battery repair plans and thus tread the path of righteousness with a new battery requiring no surgery, to ensure that you too never require surgery after battery repair adventures.
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Flying since 2015 I NEVER SCREW WITH batteries. In 2017 I had one burst into flames when I was adjusting something lucky I was by back door total meltdown. I always buy OEM replacements for batteries. Its not worth the risk.
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When you have a video that starts with cracking open a battery that is not designed to be opened, you may want to reconsider. If you damage the battery while breaking it open, then you are running a real risk of it igniting.

I would get just a battery from Amazon, preferably one with lots of 4+ ratings
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

I would not suggest trying to repair the batteries.
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I used to buy/sell drones to support my drone habit and plenty had bad batteries. They're often a large part of the value when purchasing so confirming they are usable is very important. Many novice owners do not maintain batteries properly, as you've seen. I wouldn't try to repair, only replace them. You're new to the sport, don't start off with a disaster.
PS: most drones sold on this site show the battery health in the listing. If purchased elsewhere, get that same confirmation from the seller.
Does anyone have the PIN layout for the original Mavic pro battery? Is the SDA and SCL really not accessible from the battery PINs?
Nope, they used serial for the external connection at that time

And you need access to the inside anyway to recharge the battery a bit since the BMS disconnects the external contacts.
He sets the charger to NiMH because since the cells are too low the charger would just give an error and refuse to charge if set to lipo, and it's just to give them a charge for a minute or so anyway.
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