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Mavic Pro Gimbal Isuue...


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Dec 31, 2017
Isere, France
Hi all,

I have a little problem with the Mavic Pro gimbal...
I noticed a few flight ago, that my mavic pro wont go straight forward when I pull the right stick up on the RC. I looked some threads on this forum, and some guys solved the issue by calibrating the RC ( Using DJI Go4 app) .
So I did that, and yes, it works, my mavic go straight forward now...
Since I did this RC calibration, I noticed that the gimbal moves where randomly very fast sometimes, or slow '(as I setted it before...)
I made 2 flghts since the RC calibration, using Litchi app.
Here is how it goes:
When I take off, everything is pretty good, the gimbal moves slowly and smoothly as I setted it. But when The mavic is far away, and ONLY in VIDEO mode, the gimbal moves so fast (goodbye softness, hello shaky vids!!), as it xas setted with full speed in the app...
I checked these settings in DJI Go 4 app, and all is as I setted before...
During the calibration, it asks me to rotate the left scroll on the RC, after having calibrated the 2 sticks, and the the calibration process ended and showed me a "calibration success" screen.
Why the gimbal is smooth in Photo mode, and not in Video mode? When it first happens, there were a lot a wind when I was flying, so I wondered if it was due to the wind, hitting the gimbal and make it move fast, but it happens again today, as there is no wind at all...

Another strange thing is that happens ONLY when I'm recording a video... If I stop recording, the gimbal moves become smooth again...

Is that due to the calibration? Maybe I did something wrong...
OK guys, I solved the issue, that was a mistake a did while calibrating RC...
When it asked me to calibrate the left scroll , I moved it slowly, as the dot reached the it calibrated the scroll to be fully rolled, as the scroll was only rolled a little bit...
Si I did it again, rolling the scroll fully, and it works great again!
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