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Mavic pro platinum vs mavic 2 pro video quality. Apparently the 1 inch sensor isn't fully used. ??


Apr 23, 2018
I have both the mavic pro platinum and the mavic 2 pro. In some of the latest YouTube videos, its been said that the 1 inch sensor isn't fully used. The likely reason why the initial Launch in July New York was canceled was due to the over heating from the 1 inch sensor. The engineers have most likely resolved the overheating issue by not using the full 1 inch sensor. Sony has had issues with overheating with 1 particular camera. Has anyone compared the video quality from the mavic pro 1 to the mavic 2 pro on a 4k monitor? Here's a link that describes why the 1 inch sensor isn't fully used:
Very few DSLR cameras give a full sensor readout for 4K and instead crop. Canon does it on most of their bodies besides their top end pro body and dedicated video bodies. Not sure what the big fuss is on cropping 4K and all the clickbait YouTube garbage. Cropped 4K is not new or unique to DJI.

Nikon I believe just offered it for the first time on the D850 but is probably available on the D5.

It’s probably due to a heat issue, processor capacity or both on the MP 2. Or the fact that DJI is trying to protect the Phantom line. Not sure if the P4 Pro crops or not in high quality 4K

Paul C
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That's true Paul. Either through overheating which is most likely. Or to keep the phantom series superior to the mavic series. But keeping 4k at 30 f/p/s is most likely to keep the phantom series superior as their 1 inch sensor is using 60 f/p/s at 4k. The phantom 1 inch sensor isn't overheating because it's got 360 deg of being exposed to air. Whereas the mavic 2 pro 1 inch sensor is in a smaller case and ycompacted in the gimbal. But the mavic 2 pro is most likely line skipping which means that their claim of utalizing a full 1 inch sensor isn't true. Like a jigsaw puzzle, they are taking every 2nd piece out. Eg. Piece 1, 3, 5, 7.. or 2, 4, 6, 8..
Good point.

Hopefully some of the issues can be worked out in future firmware. Or a MP2+.

Paul C
No, DJI said they won't be able to fix this with a software / firmware update. Likewise with the fish eye. Where in Dlog & Hlog have a curvature on eg. The horizon and even noticeable with windows and houses etc. But some people have made lutes to fix this issue.
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