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Mavic Pro RTH Dinamic, what if loses signal?


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May 23, 2018
Dynamic RTH. Hello everyone, anyone knows what attitude Mavic Pro would take if having the RTH put in dynamic, that is to say that it takes and updates its return home in function of the controller, what would happen if it is disconnected or turned off? As an example, if you take off from a ship and we move and cut the link between the controller and the Mavic, what would happen? Is it stationary? Landing at the last known point? (In this case in the water?) Thank you very much
It will apply your setting.
Sorry would love to elaborate but hard to type on phone.
You can set the altitude of RTH on the app. Will probably return to the last known location but there is a chance that it would reconnect to the RC on it's way back. Just make sure the RC has enough charge.
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The RTH location is stored on the Mavic. If connection with the RC is lost it will return to the last stored RTH location (providing you have RTH set to return and not hover). It will then attempt to land or hover there until critical battery forces it to land in the water.
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Using the default settings, the Mavic will attempt to return to the last marked home point. By changing the "Remote Controller Signal Lost" setting in DJI GO, you could also make the Mavic hover in place (giving you time to move around the obstacle and/or closer to reestablish the connection).


Check out the "Return-to-Home" section of the Mavic Pro manual for more details on the RTH feature.
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