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Mavic Pro vs Mavic 2 Pro camera comparison


Sep 2, 2018
Hi Guys,

I wasn't sure if the new mavic is a worthy investment, but nevertheless i got it. I wanted to do a comparison between the new and old camera so here is the result:

All shot in 2.7k - just to give the old one some chance, ISO, Shutter WB - all the same. The new one has a warmer color temp, the old DLog is much flatter profile. At the end i did some color correction - Curves+ exposure, to even the picture.

Conclusions - The 2 Pro has much better sharpness profile and consistency through the different scenarios. It's a clear winner in the night as the old one is missing clarity and detail. During the day, or up to 400 ISO the difference is almost negligible and could be easily worked around with post processing.

PS: that curvature... i really hate the fact that i have to use optic compensation every time i shoot in DLOGm.

Would love to hear your thoughts.
These kind of static shots give much better chances for M1 to look decent as the limited bandwith is about enough to cover all the changes in frames. Had you been flying the drone for the shots, there'd been much more movement and the old Mavic would've had harder time to keep up with what it's got – leading to mushier end results.
Yeah its a test which is geared towards the MP looking better than it actually is.

Do some tests with ISO, dynamic range an everything else along with MTF and you can see just how atrocious the mavic 1 is in all areas.
I wanted to have both drones side by side, in order to get the same shots, so flying wasn't an option. I agree that with fast moving shots MP1 is going to have a hard time compared to MP2, but i also wanted to see what's the difference in camera sensor during day time and slow moving shots. If i have time, i will strap them to the car and do a motion test.

PS first shot is ISO 400, second ISO 100, third ISO 1600. After iso 800 there is a definite difference
On stills i see a clear difference between the 2 even on ISO100.
The mavic 1 is terrible at 200 and unusable at 400 whereas the 2 is good enough on 200 wit even 400 ok with some noise reduction.

But its the dynamic range and highlight drop off makes the biggest image quality difference to me between the 2.
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