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Discussion in 'Mavic Pro Discussions' started by puravidastyles, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. puravidastyles

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    Oct 15, 2016
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    went on Dji site to ask how i can track my mavic.

    This was on the chat

    Mavic Shipping:Sorry to let you know that the latest news we got from related department is that the Mavic Pro orders received before November 3, 2016, we will do our best to clear them all within the next seven to eight weeks
  2. CollectiveImagery

    Nov 22, 2016
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    I preordered mine from best buy on 10/23/16. It was promised for 11/30/16, no just says "Backordered" under status

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  3. taptofocus

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    Nov 18, 2016
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    Ordered Nov 25 got it yesterday. Newegg via DJI

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  4. Bruderbb

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    Oct 29, 2016
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    Nashville TN
    So I have been reading this form since I ordered Mavic Pro fly more package back on Oct 27 and no I have not received my drone. I ordered it from a company on Amazon called Yitamotor. I have been in contact with the company and received this;

    "So here is our solution for this delay:
    1.Send you a small drone that market $20 as compensate. Just for our apologize, not mean you will only receive the small drone instead of your DJI MAVIC. Your MAVIC will arrange for your when we have in stock.
    2.Your order will be charged when we send small drone, are this ok for you? If you don’t want to be charged, cancel your order if don’t want us to confirm ur shipment or don’t want wait anymore. "

    Then low and behold I get notification from Amazon that my order has shipped. So I contacted the company asking if the was the Mavic or the compensation present AND you guessed it
    Dear buyer
    Sorry, this item still out of stock. But if you not like card, we can issue full refund , please don't worry.
    But once we issue refund, we will cancel your order. Or you willing wait some time?
    Once item in stock,we will arrange new shipment and give you tracking number.

    So now I am supposed to receive an order from Amazon for an item I didn't order and not to worry they promise to ship a mavic to me when they get them in stock. Of course be receiving an shipment from Amazon and not lodging a complaint I am stating that yes everything arrived as ordered. So when the $20.00 drone arrives I'll be throwing it in the trash and lodging a complaint with Amazon to have the charges reversed to my card. At this point I am not even sure if I will reorder due to the entire way that DJI has treated their customer base
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