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mid mission battery swap RTK disconnect


Sep 25, 2019
Harleysville, United States
ok so what do I mean by that? So I start the mission and I have RTK, does its thing comes back and wants a new battery. I put one in and for the life of me I cant get RTK to connect up again. Not on the ground or in the air. The only way I can get it to attach up again is restarting the controller. When I do that it forgets where it was in the mission and I have to scramble to copy the mission and delete the area it already did.
So am I missing something I can do to make it save the mission status so when I do restart it, it still knows ?
or anyone got any tips on trying to get the RTK to connect back up again. Sometimes I can go into RTK settings and set my username wrong and set correct and it will save and connect back up but most of the time that doesnt work.

Just looking for any tips for future flights.
This sometimes comes down to software, recommend you use something like Drone Deploy ect. This pro software will allow you to swap battery and the drone to fly out to the very last place it took a picture from for modeling an such. You may find other software that can do it also. But this one i know for sure has that ability.
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Thanks, DJI Pilot mission will allow the same thing. Just doesnt seem to like it when I restart the controller. I dont know a ton about Drone Depoy since its another cost I'm trying to avoid. If you restart the controller and bring up their app again will it know its still mid mission or think you started over ? thats what DJI pilot 2 does..
Actually, I do the surveys in smaller chunks to avoid the battery swap issue. There is no issue merging it all later in software. My big gripe is waiting for RTK to converge each time. Wish we could plug a power supply into the USB port while it takes its merry time to converge. Yesterday it took 15 minutes for some unknown reason, then dropped out and started over twice before the second run could commence. My batteries are down to 85-90% when it finally converges. I do suspect the military guys are playing with GPS jamming locally in the Military Operating Area (MOA) overlying where I am working at the moment. It is a fairly unpopulated area with almost no resident population and no airways passing through.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to bypass the USB so it powers externally while converging, I am totally open to suggestions.
I actually had this same issue yesterday.. swapped battery and lost RTK... so I tried something different. I disconnected from my phone hot spot and reconnected then went into RTK and hit save on the settings and it said "save successful" and connected back up.. so I guess I'll try that in the future.
That seems worth a try. There is a bit of an issue with the hotspot not being all it can be at times as well.
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