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Mini 2 and RC-N1 Failing at the Same Time?


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Jul 28, 2022
Sonoma County California
Hello Comrades,

1. How likely is the circuit board module of a Mini 2 and the core board module of an RC-N1 malfunctioning at the same time?

2. Has anyone ever had their RC-N1 core board module fail?

I ask because DJI Repair is indicating they did.

On 12.31.23 the controller started alerting me to weak signals and lost connections between the 2 devices when in close proximity of each other, ie. 8 – 15 ft. either horiz. and vert.

Fwiw, both devices are always stored securely in the fly-more case they shipped with. There has been no crashes or jarring and no exposure to extreme weather or temperatures.

Upon my testing on 01.27.24, I found that the 5.8 MHz transmission signal was failing each flight while the 2.4 MHz signal remained consistently 100% strong.

When I look at the original and test Flightrecords ( I have 7) they all show the RC.downlinkSignal collapsing variously between 100 – 0 when in close proximity but the RC.uplinkSignal remains at 100 throughout.

This indicates to me that the drone’s board is “malfunctioned” and the controller’s is not.

I’ve sent the drone and RC-N1 (per their instruction) to DJI for assessment and repair/replacement under Care Refresh extended warranty. DJI repair is quoting in their damage assessment result that both boards “was malfunctioned which caused the failed linking”. Since the controller is not included in the extended warranty, DJI is quoting $39.06 to replace the RC-N1 Core Board Module.

That is a fair repair price if necessary, though not if the RC-N1 Core Board Module does not require placement.

2 Flight Records links:

Ref.: “RC-N1 losing connection with Mini 2” previous threads in Crash & Flyaway Assistance and Mavic Mini Series/Mini 2
1. How likely is the circuit board module of a Mini 2 and the core board module of an RC-N1 malfunctioning at the same time?
Extremely unlikely.

It’s not unusual, although poor practice, that a repair agent, during fault finding, replaces a possible failed board in a device but finds the issue is not resolved then leaves the replacement board in place due to laziness, possibility of damage to connectors or a matter of labour costs against cost of the replacement part - but then finds the true issue is in the second device. It’s then not that unusual that you would be charged for both parts. Either way you could be charged more for labour or the cost of both parts.
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