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MINI 3 Pro FPV mode not working


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Aug 15, 2021
Can't get my m3 pro to go into FPV mode. Controller lets me select FPV, but nothing changes in the way the gimbal works. When the drone tilts left and right, the gimbal keeps the camera level with horizon, even though I have FPV selected on the controller. Am I doing something wrong, or does the M3Pro simply not have FPV despite the controller letting you select it.
I don't see what you could be doing wrong. The option is on the controller.... nothing else to do.
The first time I used FPV it was very 'jerky' in it's movements, and later settled down to smooth
tilts / banking and other commands. Some of that could have been my abrupt commands.
Just a shot in the dark.... maybe reset the controller but you will loose any settings that were saved.
Looking forward to hearing of any solution that you come across. How frustrating!!
I cannot ABSOLUTELY confirm the Mavic 3 Pro has the FPV capability, BUT I have heard countless times
that the Mavic 3 series, (Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Classic, and Mavic 3 pro) are identical except for the cameras.
I have the Classic, and the specs are the same as the Mavic 3. Same controller, same functions EVERYTHING except
the cameras. I'm going to assume that DJI would NOT have removed any of those standard features on it's
new flagship model. I am also assuming when you say you have the M3Pro it's not the Mini 3 (I know nothing of the MIni series).
I have done the following:

Updated firmware on drone
Reset controller
Erased all data on controller
Re-paired controller to drone
Calibrated Gimbal
Calibrated EMU

FPV mode still does not work with RC controller

This is the MINI 3 Pro, NOT Mavic 3. I thought this forum was for the MINI 3
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Disregard this post. I did not understand how FPV works on this model. I was expecting to see the horizon tilt when flying sideways left or right. The FPV only engages when you combine both sideways flight with rotation at the same time, so it requires two stick movements to actually see it working, I was only using one stick movement.
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Well now I'm confused. By "flying sideways left and right" do you mean roll, controlled by moving the right stick left/right (mode 2 stick setup)?

If so, that should result in the horizon tilting. That's what happens in other DJI drones I have. You shouldn't have to coordinate the roll maneuver with yaw (and thereby turning) for the horizon to tilt. FPV mode just locks the roll action of the gimbal (at least, that's the way I remember it working).

Gonna go test it on the Mini3P right now...

EDIT: Well I'll be gobsmacked... that's how it's working on the Mini3P. Simulates FPV only during coordinated turns.
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