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Mini 3 (without remote) & RC-N1.


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Aug 24, 2019
I have just purchased the Mini 3 (without remote) €379 ($400 approx). It paired easily with the RC-N1 remote from my Mini 2 which is main reason that I bought the Mini 3 as my RC-N1 remote is fitted with an Alientech Pro signal booster giving excellent range/coverage.
I have flown the Mini 3 a couple of times now and am impressed more than anything with the low noise from the drone. I guess it has something to do with the longer arms and larger props which I suppose rotate at a lower rpm than other Mini drones.
The camera on the mini 3 is also slightly better than the Mini 2 at f1.7 as opposed to f2.8 on the Mini 2. The images I have taken so far look sharper compared to the Mini 2 but I need to take more photos to be sure.
Overall I am pleased with the purchase as it was not too expensive in my opinion to upgrade to the Mini 3 and as I usually fly in open spaces I do not need the obstacle avoidance of the Pro.
@OldGuy a great purchase indeed ,yes the Mini 3 is amazingly quiet ,compared to other Mini drones ,the first time i flew my M3p i was blown away by that fact ,once its above 50ft or so it becomes virtually inaudible ,
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Very quite indeed, to the point that when i start up my MPP after using the M3P I almost feel embarassed, and the MPP was one of the quitess drones around,

You also did well keeping the RC-N1 with all the changings coming on ie: waypoints and so on.
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Wise choice and congrats!
I also went with non pro drone only purchase as I already had a DJI RC. But for my mini I would rather have your RC-N1, for many reasons.
And ya, the mini 3 is a quiet nimble little bird and a blast to fly.

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