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Mini2 Gimbal Part

Captain Spock

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Sep 28, 2022
Placitas, New Mexico, USA
Mini2 hit wall; crashed. Props and camera ok (amazing). I found left/right rubber "feet" under the gimbal pushed out and hanging free. They look like little shock absorbers that apparently just sit on either side of the gimble assembly. (Photo gold pointer shows one of the feet pulled up a little). I looked carefully to see if they were connected to anything, but I could not find any sort of attachment. I popped them back in; flight tested ok. Caught a lucky break.

Can anyone confirm what these rubber feet are and whether they are supposed to be attached to anything, or are they just a rubber spacer or shock absorber of some sort?
@Yorkshire_Pud: You've helped me in the past and you've helped me again now. THANK YOU for sending me that photo with annotations no less! PERFECT. The rubber dampers were reinstalled. No other damage; test flight ok. BRAVO, sir!
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