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More to DJI Fly App Version 1.9.9 than First Apparent...


Part 107 Licensed
Oct 1, 2021
York County, VA. USA
I just updated my DJI Fly App to Version 1.9.9 for my Mini 2 and of course, the Release Notes tell you basically nothing but to refer to the User Manual for Details…

I figured this was a wild goose chase since the Manual was written back in June 2021, but what the hey, I like chasing geese so I went to "Mother Goose" (the DJI Download Web Site…) and I found there was an Updated User Manual, dated March 2023, for my Mini 2

Now I have not found out what the changes are yet, but it sure would be nice if they included a "change page" in the manual for quick reference… So, I'll have to go through all 50-pages, comparing the old to the new edition…

Any case, this Firmware Update affects more than just the Mini 2 as my Tablet has some vague reference to "A2S no fly, etc…" during the download.

So, below you will find the Link to all of the DJI Products and their "Release Notes" and the User Manuals. Perhaps your Drone's User Manual had been updated also and you can download the latest version…

Download Center is on my homepage. There is some useful information to be had there. I still wish for more detail and clarity in some places, but oh well, it’s DJI !
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I have a DJI mini 2 it won’t connect to my Iphone for some reason anymore. Worked one day and the next day won’t connect. Keeps saying”RC not connected”
Have changed the cord from drone to phone and still doesn’t work
Can’t do a firmware update because it won’t connect to phone.
Can someone please help??!!
I have watched all videos and reached out to DJI with no avail 😰
My drone is in perfect condition and a year old.
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I had that happen to me before, I deleted app and reloaded it, loaded up with no problems.
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Yep all good and an excellent spin round the Downs here in Bristol yesterday.
Thank for replying, perhaps if someone else has the same issues, they might learn from your posting, That's how this all works...
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