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Moving files from DJI app to computer


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Sep 2, 2018
Can you please provide support on how to move DJI GO 4 files from my iPhone to a computer?
DJI app is now 12 GB and overloading my phone.
Thanks in advance.
Assuming you are talking about photos, videos, etc don't know about Apple products but with Android products you use a USB C cable plugged into the data port on the back of the drone and simply download it like you would from any other device. Oh and BTW you must turn the drone on to do this.

If you are talking about flight data an logs. Then you need Assistant 2
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Assistant 2 won't do anything for the flight logs on the app, only for the ones on the AC. Even then, I don't see it having a means to delete them.

The Go app provides means of clearing the video cache and the local copy of the flight logs.
The option to clear the flight logs is in the section where you view your flight history.
That might only clear the txt files and might not delete the DAT files.

The app provides a means to store the video cache on an SD card mounted on the mobile. At least it does for Android. It's tricky specifying a custom folder. Best to just select root of SD card. It creates a logical folder structure so you won't have garbage at root.
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Keep in mind, unless you've transferred the high-resolution files from the microSD card in the drone to your iPhone, the files on your iPhone are low-resolution cache files. You'll want to transfer the files from the drone itself, either by plugging the drone into your computer with a microUSB cable, or by removing the microUSB card from the drone and inserting it into a card reader connected to your computer. Then just delete the cache files on your iPhone.
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