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MP2 with iPad mini 3


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Nov 13, 2016
Has anyone else tried this set up. It worked fine on my earlier mavic. But I took my first flight with the Mavic2 today and the video was jumping there was also lag on the joystick controls. I saw a message flag up about CPU limits. Would this have impacted the control lag and video gaps and jumping ?

I changed the cache to standard from hi quality. And when I did that the problem
Seems less but still there. So I’m guessing it’s to do with the iPad mini 3 I’m using. Has anyone else had similar issues
Thanks. I have been though most of that and turned things off etc. Also I have plenty space as this iPad is dedicated to the mavic. But for some reason it’s just not up to the job with the MAvic2. I just watched the short video I took by plugging it into my MacBook. It was gapping and jumping just the same. I copied the file over but it was still the same. The card I’m using is a Samsung 128gb EVO Plus rated for 4K video
The ipad mini 3 is weak. I've been using it for my MP for a year and half and finally just replaced it with a mini 4 due to the lagging and jumping of the stream.
Mine would only do it when it was warm outside so I assume the CPU was throttling due to heat. I couldnt fly in summer hardly at all. It didn't even have to be that hot outside and I was always in the shade. It was so frustrating. I tried all the fixes out there and I strongly believe it's simply that the mini 3 has insufficient power to keep things running smoothly when the temp rise.

My new mini 4 does great even in temps in the high 90's.
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Fortunately I have an iPad mini 4 which I replaced my 3 when I dedicated it to the mavic. I guess I’ll have to swap them out and use the 3 as my browsing, reading, forum access tool [emoji106]
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