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MPP Disconnecting from RC


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Jan 28, 2019
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Hi All,
I took my MPP out over the weekend for the second time with my new phone and while out , I had it disconnect from the RC two times but then it would reconnect. The display in the app would turn grey and I dont think I had any control of the aircraft
My first time flying it with the new phone was in the backyard to show my family so it didn't go far.

This time I had flown it out from a look out across water and it went about 500m from base.

I am using Oneplus 6t phone.

Any ideas what could have caused this? Any precautions or suggestions?


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Oct 3, 2017
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Brier, WA USA
With my MP, a grey Disconnect signifies my tablet is disconnected from the RC. You should still have control using the RC and the RC display should be showing telemetry data. The most common cause is the cable to your phone and the most common fix is to use a quality data cable from the RC center USB port (unplug the short cable from the side of the RC).

You can test a phone disconnect by simply unplugging your phone after a connection is established (you do not need to be flying for this test, just connected). It should turn grey and show Disconnected in the upper right corner. If the RC gets disconnected from your MPP the phone display will show Aircraft Disconnected in a red background and the RC display should show Connecting. You can test this by simply powering down your MPP after it has connected.