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Much Prefer the Mavic 2 Pro to the Phantom 4 Pro for ease of use


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Sep 1, 2018
I mainly use my drones to do real estate photos and videos. I do photos in Raw and shoot video in 4K and edit in Imovie. Once I got my Mavic 2 Pro and flew it a few times, without even thinking about it, the Mavic 2 Pro became my default platform for filming. Most things about it are just easier and the quality of photos and video are very similar. The Mavic 2 portability with the Flymore bag is so great; it is much quieter than the P4 Pro, so most people do not even seem to notice it, unlike the P4 Pro, which was easily noticeable by neighbors where I was shooting. I still love the P4 Pro, but it is quickly becoming a seldom used backup drone. I have played around with all of the intelligent modes, which are fun, but I still tend to just shut off the annoying sensors, and carefully move in and around the trees to look for great angles. Shooting real estate photos/videos is so much fun getting paid for it is a bonus.
So far I love the incredible portability - compared to my friend's phantom pro 4..... I can carry everything in one tiny pack with Mavic Pro Platinum....
I returned my Phantom4 pro and bought mavic 2.
Mavic2 is much better in every way. I think Phantom 4 pro body frame is just old design, hard to justify with today technology and only reason they still keep it it's market segmentation and recognised brand-shape. This body coming from time when the phantom was just quad copter with external camera (go pro) bracket, and only option you could mount the camera was in the middle of the aircraft.
The body has masive air drag and phantom is less stable in the wind. Battery mount from the back causes disconnecting during rapid drone stoping and falling from the sky (if battery not inserted correctly). Massive sound difference 93db compare to 75db in mavic, this like 3 times louder. Not only louder due to bigger size it's because big part of propellers being to close to body frame. Gimbal with the sticking cables ribbons prone to damage. Big size etc....
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