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my first drone video (4k / greece / kefalonia)

1st revealing shot too long and jitter at the end of it is obsolete
roll/yaw at ~0:51 too fast and not smooth enough
0:58 - transition to stable/fixed horizontal roll looks not so good
1:28 - due to bad calibration you have twitched horizon. Can be fixed by -1CCW+105%zoomin
1:26 - transition from similar shots with dissolve transitions looks not so nice IMHO..
1:37 - POI shot is altered with manual adjustments.. that jittering is bad for eyes :)

I will stop here.. If this is truly your 1st shot with Mavic then it's just super nice. Really!
Keep doing what you're doing and hope to see superb shots in near future.
Sub++ ;)

hi gadominas,

thank you for your answer and suggestion!

"1:28 - due to bad calibration you have twitched horizon. Can be fixed by -1CCW+105%zoomin" how can i do this? can you help me?

and please dont stop! ;) i have to learn. i have to learn from my failing. so don't stop, give me more ;)
Also just returned from a holiday in Kefalonia

What an amazing island....

And what a superbly filmed and produced video yours is!

hi M4RK,

thank you for your response!

well... yes, kefalonia is a very green and nice island of greece. i loved every millimeters of this island what i saw.

i'm happy for you liked my video. but i know, it's not a flawless "job" :) also i know i have to learn more and practice, practce, practice :D
Tomorrow I will be in Kefalonia for 2 weeks. I will have the mavic with me. I will receive a race drone while beeing there and I will have my road bike with me. I hope I will find time to use the mavic... :)
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