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Need help regarding add on antennas to extend MA range, etc


Mar 31, 2018
As I look at the various kits being put out ( See the pictures below). One is a kit designed for I believe a hoboson drone, and the other 1 is for the mavick pro. My question is this has anyone attempted to use a kit designed for 1 drone and used it on another, specifically the mavic air. The reason this is attractive to me is because those kits are so much less expensive. The smaller kit there for instance is $10, in the larger kit is I believe $35. The navigate air kit is at least 60 everywhere I've seen it. So question one is is there a kit preferably a much less expensive kit that can be used on the mavic air even if there is a slight drop off in performance if there is a substantial decrease in cost I'm willing to try that. if there is such a kit, please let me know what you personally may have had success with using on the mavic air.
The other type of Wi-Fi extender that has this same issue are the ones that are basically wire mesh fashioned into a ball slightly larger than a golf ball and there are 2 of them mounted where the antennas used to be. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.... again I've seen what looks to be exactly the same kit but meant for the spark and mavick pro for about half of the kit for the mavic air. This one in particular baffles me because I have a spark and I see very little difference in the remote control units at least from the outside. (A little different of course, but not much. Is the issue that once I open it up and get inside the kit for the spark and the mavick pro would I see that it would not work?

Last question if you had say 70 or $75 to spend and assuming that you could get either the ones like the pics below... ones with the whip and the panel antennas both... or the ones made of 2 balls of that wire mesh assuming they were both the same price..around $75 or $80... which would you get and why? Thanks for your help.

PS. I included a pic of the other type I was referring to. View attachment 41650Screenshot_20180708-041045_Geek.jpegScreenshot_20180708-044431_Geek.jpeg
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