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New DJI Mini2 SE here, can’t find record in 4K on menu


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Sep 20, 2023
Novice here. I got my new DJI Mini2 SE in early-mid September, checked it out and thought I saw 4K on the video options (I'm not really sure). But, I spent my time learning to fly the drone. One of the times, I got a notice to upgrade the software. Now I’m using Firmware 01.00.0360; RC Firmware 04.11.0200; and App version 1.12.0.

When I view the video screen now, it only shows 1080p and lower. No 4K. But, 1080p video and Photos work and record just fine.

If it matters, I’m using a new SanDisk Ultra 128 GB, which says it will do 500 Megabytes/sec.

Any ideas why 4K does not show up on the video screen in my drone? Thanks.
Hello from the Crossroads of America ChicagoBill.

I don't have the mini 2 SE, but I don't think it has 4k. 🤔

From DJI's site...

  • Video Resolution​

  • 2.7K: 2720×1530@24/25/30 fps
    FHD: 1920×1080@24/25/30/48/50/60 fps

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Found this...

There are software differences under the hood, mainly regarding video capture. The Mini 2 SE can record up to 2.7K video at 30fps from its 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, while the Mini 2 can record 4K video at 30fps or 2.7k at 60fps with the same sensor.

When I view the video screen now, it only shows 1080p and lower.
As has already been mentioned, your SE does not have 4K capability and even when you are recording in 2.7K, the drone is only sending 720p video to your mobile device (phone or tablet). You have to download the video and photo files to get the full benefit of the camera's capability…


Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini 2 SE, including the User Manual.

After you read the Manual, read it again, you will be surprised what you missed the first time and you will be better prepared for that first "scary moment…"

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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

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The hardware is actually capable of recording 4k. I tested it by updating the mini 2 firmware onto my mini 2SE and recorded a few mins of 4k with the higher 100mbps bit rate (Unable to fly due to server issue). Its a completely artificial limitation placed on the 2SE so it doesn't eat away the sales of the mini 3.

Update: Ok actually got it to fly. Its slightly buggy but yep you can make the mini 2 SE pretend to be the mini 2 and record 4k and fly around.
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