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New drone Pilot - Do I need ND filters ?

Being a novice pilot myself, starting with videography I'm glad I decided to leave ND filters aside for now. It would have made things much more complicated.

After watching this video, and a couple of tutorial of how to do it in Davinci Resolve I'm glad I was able to fix the cases I needed it in post.

Agreed, I've been flying drones for ten + years and longer as a pilot in manned air craft.
.Just enjoy being a pilot, learn the laws, take some basic photography classes (even on you tube) play with the settings.

Generally if you do that you do not need filters especially in the beginning. They can help, but ONLY if applied correctly. That just comes with time and experience.

As you said starting out trying to figure ND filters out just over complicates it and can be overwhelming.

Many new drones like that Mavic 3 take phenomenal shots out of the box. YES, ND filters can help with more professional and cinematic shots, but for most people that's more than good enough without the ND filters.

fly safe and have FUN which is the number one reason I fly. To have fun!
Depends on the intention. I mainly got a drone *Because* it was a flying camera, not because it was just flying. My end results are the photo/videos. So that matters a little more to me than just having fun on the flying part, the flying gets me to where I want to compose my shots.
I would always set the shutter to double the frame rate. I watch heaps of videos on YouTube & nothing frustrates me more than having no natural motion blur whilst people are walking around the streets filming a place I’m interested in. It eventually gives me a headache & I have to switch off. Out of habit I always set my video cameras up using the 180 rule, iPhone, A73 & Drone.
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