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new pilot

  1. C

    New drone Pilot - Do I need ND filters ?

    Hi all :) I recently just purchased a DJI mini 3 pro and it came yesterday. To begin with I plan on using it mainly for photography and then eventually getting into videography as my piloting skills improve. I keep getting conflicting messages on whether to purchase ND filters. So I thought I...
  2. Stayalive

    New Drone and MA2 Pilot From Orlando, Fl

    Hello, community! It’s awesome to meet you. I recently made a decision after a ton of research and understanding what goals I want to achieve and bought the Mavic Air 2 fly more bundle. I was very excited to get it and start learning everything I need to know to get started. So far so good. I...
  3. T

    That was bloody terrifying! I'm hooked!

    First ever drone flight today with my (drunk purchase) Air 2 and it was bloody terrifying! No one said it would be! I don't even think the first time I did a solo in a fixed wing I was this worried! I walked out with confidence, did all the pre-flight checks, remembered to click record after...
  4. kimpanattoni

    Greetings from SW Indiana!

    Hello, new member here from SW Indiana: New to drone piloting, though have flown other folks' RC craft such as RC airplanes in the past. Grew up with aviation at multiple air stations (military brat). I recently received a Mavic Pro MP1 and am really enjoying it. Have my recreational license...
  5. wilmutiny3

    New Mavic Air2 pilot! working on part 107 studying...

    Hey guys! I'm not a new drone pilot, but new to Mavic Air 2. I've previously had the Mavic Mini, but finally upgraded. My air 2 arrives on Friday 3/12/21. I'm looking into getting my commercial license and have noticed there's a ridiculous amount of guides, videos and courses and possibly...
  6. nhgill960

    First Cinematic With My Mini

    Hello everyone, I have been a mini pilot since January, and I have really enjoyed the experience. This was my first DJI drone, and the Mini has been a great platform to learn some basic aerial cinematography on. I recently was able to get some pretty nice shots in North Carolina and Tennessee...
  7. N

    First Time Drone Owner - Mavic Air 2

    Hi Y'all, I recently purchased the DJI Mavic Air 2; I bought it about a month ago and I love it! Like the title says, I'm a first-time drone owner. But I've been taking photos and making videos for years. I'm really looking forward to improving my skills as a drone pilot! Any advice would be...
  8. wpgkip

    Hello from Winnipeg MB

    Hello pilots. I am pretty new to the DJI world, I've been flying Parrot for the past couple of years, but upgraded to the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to get a bit more serious and pursue my license here in Canada. Unfortunately, I haven't many flights yet, but am looking forward to more! I am looking...
  9. D

    New and excited

    Man oh man just starting out as a MP2 Pilot , brand new to my first ''Mavic Killer'' (insert laugh here) in march this year, the $50 eachine e58? yeah....NOT! . As a professional wildlife/landscape photographer/ videographer with 20 years experience I needed a new challenge , With...
  10. S

    New Pilot Checkin from NY

    I look forward to engaging and getting to know the group! I love the drone community and I am excited to be apart of this! - Sean -- Long Island, NY
  11. Twice_Knightly

    New Mavic Pilot WA. Got a Mavic 2 pro and loving it.

    Had my Mavic 2 pro for about a week now and its great! My friend got a mavic pro platinum a few weeks ago which we thought was amazing so I thought i'd go for the 2 when I saw the release video. We love them, Gets us out of the house and on adventures outdoors. Just having a tough time finding...
  12. D

    San Diego Regulations

    Hi everyone, I’m waiting for the Mavic 2 Zoom to arrive on Wednesday. I’m brand new to drone flying, and am trying to read up and learn the rules and regs, so I’m not an irresponsible pilot. I live in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and from what I can tell using the various websites and apps, it is a...
  13. CarsonV123

    Hello from Burlington (VT)

    Hey fellow MavicPilots! just got a mavic air for my birthday, have been very excited to get started. I work as a UAS team member flying RTK EBEEs for a spatial analysis laboratory, but this is my first quad-copter! I've been reading up on the fourms and they have been instrumental in my quick...
  14. B

    G'day from the land Down Under

    Hi All Just got my Mavic Air, and so stoked to be able to use it when I go out and about. The biggest bummer is that I can't fly it in the 'burbs' where I live in. Will have to do it when I'm out on the countryside for full effect. Bernz from Sydney Australia
  15. P

    Greetings from Clemson, SC

    New drone enthusiast here. I'm a consultant in agriculture at Clemson, and taking a deep dive into research in remote sensing (drones/satellites) and GIS. Currently using DJI Mavic for solar energy research in agriculture. Loving drones and GIS so much, I'm considering a career change or...
  16. Herefordbull

    Hi from Herefordshire

    So after weeks and weeks of deciding if I should go with magic air OR the phantom 4? I went with the magic air (purely on price) as I have never flown a drone before (I believe I am a responsible adult) but want good quality arial pictures from my local cricket team. I am slightly worried about...
  17. leatherbird

    Hey there! From St. Louis, MO

    Just got a Mavic Air. Opened the box, charged everything up. Took it outside, got confused. Came back in to read some instructions, web sites, forums (like this one!). Few hours later, my pride in check… Got it off the ground, flew around my house, and shot some spectacularly mediocre footage...
  18. Hawkeye

    Should I update from 01.03.0800 to the lastest firmware? - New Mavic, New Pilot

    Hello everyone! I just got my Mavic and haven't flown it yet. I already activated it and was wondering if I should update from 01.03.0800 (out of the box) to the latest firmware or just leave it as it is. What would be the pros and cons of my current firmware vs the latest? I'm on iOS (iPhone...
  19. Willie Peloquin

    New sUAV Pilot - Ann Arbor MI

    Hello All, I just received a Red Mavic Air Fly More Package. All the YouTube's concerning the Mavic Air looked great, so I pulled the trigger. I have had it a couple weeks now, but the weather has been miserable, I have been under the weather and the MA has not left the ground :( I did power it...
  20. AirBuzzOne

    New pilot from Norway

    Hi! I'm a new Mavic pilot. Thanks for welcoming to this forum. I'm a 37-year-old design engineer/technical animator from Norway. My photography hobby has evolved quite a lot over the last years. In 2008 I started with urban exploring which still is a huge passion of mine. Then I found a huge...