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new pilot

  1. markcmda

    New drone pilot in Texas!

    Good afternoon all, I am happy to have stumbled upon such a warm and welcoming community. I have spent quite some time lurking. Since completing the TRUST, I have been spending time in and around the Houston area with my Mini 4. I am consistently amazed by the quality of the footage it...
  2. T

    New drone pilot

    Hi everyone , I'm planning on buying a dji air 2 . I'm aware that it comes under the A2 weight category , i also know that I need to get a flyer id and operator id. Do I need to obtain a A2 cofc and what rules apply to this weight class?. Also any other advice would be really appreciated as this...
  3. T

    New recreational/future pilot

    I just registered my DJI mini 2 and did my trust for recreational use. I need to know about putting accessories on it and going over the category 1 to a category two. Can anybody give me a link on information about that or information from personal experience.
  4. TrooperX

    New Pilot checking in

    Greetings From Canada :) , just got into the flying game , got my First drone about a Month ago DJI mini 2 just to try it and ohhhhh boy I fell in love with it ,as a photographer I've always wanted to be able to capture landscape from above and capture good 4k Videos , as much as I enjoy the...
  5. M

    New Pilot Check In

    Greetings from Tasmania! Have been a long time fan of drones but due to other financial constraint and priorities, i always had delay my plans to purchase one. And then out of nowhere my brother in law gifted me one. Its a mavic mini and so far i am amazingly impressed with the quality i am...
  6. C

    New drone Pilot - Do I need ND filters ?

    Hi all :) I recently just purchased a DJI mini 3 pro and it came yesterday. To begin with I plan on using it mainly for photography and then eventually getting into videography as my piloting skills improve. I keep getting conflicting messages on whether to purchase ND filters. So I thought I...
  7. Stayalive

    New Drone and MA2 Pilot From Orlando, Fl

    Hello, community! It’s awesome to meet you. I recently made a decision after a ton of research and understanding what goals I want to achieve and bought the Mavic Air 2 fly more bundle. I was very excited to get it and start learning everything I need to know to get started. So far so good. I...
  8. T

    That was bloody terrifying! I'm hooked!

    First ever drone flight today with my (drunk purchase) Air 2 and it was bloody terrifying! No one said it would be! I don't even think the first time I did a solo in a fixed wing I was this worried! I walked out with confidence, did all the pre-flight checks, remembered to click record after...
  9. kimpanattoni

    Greetings from SW Indiana!

    Hello, new member here from SW Indiana: New to drone piloting, though have flown other folks' RC craft such as RC airplanes in the past. Grew up with aviation at multiple air stations (military brat). I recently received a Mavic Pro MP1 and am really enjoying it. Have my recreational license...
  10. wilmutiny3

    New Mavic Air2 pilot! working on part 107 studying...

    Hey guys! I'm not a new drone pilot, but new to Mavic Air 2. I've previously had the Mavic Mini, but finally upgraded. My air 2 arrives on Friday 3/12/21. I'm looking into getting my commercial license and have noticed there's a ridiculous amount of guides, videos and courses and possibly...
  11. nhgill960

    First Cinematic With My Mini

    Hello everyone, I have been a mini pilot since January, and I have really enjoyed the experience. This was my first DJI drone, and the Mini has been a great platform to learn some basic aerial cinematography on. I recently was able to get some pretty nice shots in North Carolina and Tennessee...
  12. N

    First Time Drone Owner - Mavic Air 2

    Hi Y'all, I recently purchased the DJI Mavic Air 2; I bought it about a month ago and I love it! Like the title says, I'm a first-time drone owner. But I've been taking photos and making videos for years. I'm really looking forward to improving my skills as a drone pilot! Any advice would be...
  13. wpgkip

    Hello from Winnipeg MB

    Hello pilots. I am pretty new to the DJI world, I've been flying Parrot for the past couple of years, but upgraded to the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to get a bit more serious and pursue my license here in Canada. Unfortunately, I haven't many flights yet, but am looking forward to more! I am looking...
  14. D

    New and excited

    Man oh man just starting out as a MP2 Pilot , brand new to my first ''Mavic Killer'' (insert laugh here) in march this year, the $50 eachine e58? yeah....NOT! . As a professional wildlife/landscape photographer/ videographer with 20 years experience I needed a new challenge , With...
  15. S

    New Pilot Checkin from NY

    I look forward to engaging and getting to know the group! I love the drone community and I am excited to be apart of this! - Sean -- Long Island, NY
  16. Twice_Knightly

    New Mavic Pilot WA. Got a Mavic 2 pro and loving it.

    Had my Mavic 2 pro for about a week now and its great! My friend got a mavic pro platinum a few weeks ago which we thought was amazing so I thought i'd go for the 2 when I saw the release video. We love them, Gets us out of the house and on adventures outdoors. Just having a tough time finding...
  17. D

    San Diego Regulations

    Hi everyone, I’m waiting for the Mavic 2 Zoom to arrive on Wednesday. I’m brand new to drone flying, and am trying to read up and learn the rules and regs, so I’m not an irresponsible pilot. I live in Ocean Beach, San Diego, and from what I can tell using the various websites and apps, it is a...
  18. CarsonV123

    Hello from Burlington (VT)

    Hey fellow MavicPilots! just got a mavic air for my birthday, have been very excited to get started. I work as a UAS team member flying RTK EBEEs for a spatial analysis laboratory, but this is my first quad-copter! I've been reading up on the fourms and they have been instrumental in my quick...
  19. B

    G'day from the land Down Under

    Hi All Just got my Mavic Air, and so stoked to be able to use it when I go out and about. The biggest bummer is that I can't fly it in the 'burbs' where I live in. Will have to do it when I'm out on the countryside for full effect. Bernz from Sydney Australia
  20. P

    Greetings from Clemson, SC

    New drone enthusiast here. I'm a consultant in agriculture at Clemson, and taking a deep dive into research in remote sensing (drones/satellites) and GIS. Currently using DJI Mavic for solar energy research in agriculture. Loving drones and GIS so much, I'm considering a career change or...