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New Member from East Central Tennessee

I see a bunch of courses etc. But what is the actual cost of taking the test not including the study courses.
The cost of the Exam is $175 and it is paid directly to PSI, the FAA's authorized Exam Administrator. Each facility that administers the exam is paid a portion of the cost, but PSI keeps the bulk… The FAA Gets nothing… (I do not think… perhaps a small amount to pay for the license cards and postage…).

If you fail the exam, there is no rebate… If you want to take the exam again, it will cost an additional $175.

There are plenty of folks who have only used the Free YouTube Videos and passed without problem, but I guess those who fail, do not advertise that fact…

I took the Part 107 License course through the Pilot Institute, the cost is also $175, but they guarantee you will pass or refund your entire fee…

I took the course and I Aced the Exam with a 100%, No Brag, Just Fact…

They have a web site that members can get on and there is a lot of students asking questions and many offering advice… They post the exam scores each week and the average score is in low 90's. If you score 90% or better, they also give you a free T-Shirt and if you post on social media, they also send you a $25 gift certificate…

I cannot say better or nicer things about the course. They have a 14-day challenge that you can easily get you license in 2-weeks…

I personally took two-months and I really enjoyed the course. Each lesson is anywhere from 2-minutes to 10-minutes and everything is broken down with lots of explanations and diagrams…

Here is a link to their course…

All of the lessons are updated as the rules, regulations, and law change, unlike YouTube where you will find courses that have not been updated in years…

Good Luck!
Greetings Greg: Welcome to the forum from Chicago the Windy City.
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