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New Pilot from Rochester NY

Welcome to Mavic Pilots .
I hope you will find our site helpful and look forward to any input , photo's/video's you might post .
Don't be shy and ask anything if you can't find it by searching . Thumbswayup
Welcome to Mavic Pilots! :)
Hello everyone. New Pilot from Rochester NY. Would love to meet other pilots and learn to utilize my mavic to its fullest potential.
Welcome From Chicago. You will learn to utilize your Mavic Pro to its fullest potential
here on the forum. Its a use full tool to help you gain knowledge and confidence to fly
your bird. One of the tools to use is Mavic Help, click on Mavic Tips, site has answers
to majority of your questions. And, if you need more help, this forum is available
to help Fly Safe and have Fun. Happy Hovering.
Welcome to Mavic Pilots from Dayton Ohio! Fly safe and have fun!
I too am from rochester. I am new, now you are not. I have been doing a lot of flying on the canal in pittsford. You found any nice spots to fly? As soon as it's not so hot I'm gonna go fly downtown.
Got any tips?
Welcome to our Forum, from Hauptmann in the friendly skies of Texas!

You'll find that flying your Mavic Pro or any DJI quad is so easy. They practically fly themselves. This can lead to overconfidence.

Read the manual, and be conservative at first. Practice using the “Find My Drone” App. Chances are you will crash and perhaps lose your bird. Don't wait until that happens to learn how to recover a lost drone.

Lots of good stuff to shoot throughout Upstate NY. Incidentally, my granddaughter starts college at Nazareth this fall, in musical theatre. Can't wait to come up there to watch her perform.

Whenever you need help, there are over 100,000 of us from around the world to assist you as you gain experience and grow as a pilot and photographer.

Glad to have you as a member!
When I fly my new mavic mini straight up to 100m I can clearly see the Nazareth campus. It is a beautiful campus, a great school and they just built a nice new performing arts center. Congrats to your granddaughter. I am happy to fly daily in this area.
I highly recommend taking time while you're here to investigate the genesee river area. In downtown there are waterfalls with old buildings and tunnels around them and railroad tracks crossing directly over them (called high falls) if you drive 40 minutes due south on i390 you reach letchworth state park where the river has carved a rather large gorge and there's tons of depression era public works stone structures around the park including a **** and rapids. I hope to make it there soon (I don't drive)
Welcome to the forum. You will find all sorts of support and assistance. We look forward to seeing your part of the world.
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