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Newby here. Gathering info

Doing my research before I buy my first.

Welcome from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA. Just in case this was not an option the last time logged on… We have a Member's Map in the Upper Right of the Title Bar. Click on "Members" and then Click on "Member's Map…" Check it out and you might find some new flying friends.

We are pretty much a DJI oriented Web site, so don't get offended if that is the way you are pushed….

View lots of YouTube Videos to get a better feel of what is available…
Also, note that at the bottom of this web page, are links to our Sister Sties that specialize in other brands of Drones…

Good Luck!
Welcome. I live just up the PCH in Long Beach. I have an air 2s, a Mavic pro 2, and a Mavic 3 that you can check out while we can fly in a nearby AMA flight area. Glad to introduce you to the technology and the photography fun. You can message me on the forum and exchange phone numbers.
Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your participation and your view of the world.
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
Greetings from Oregon! These guys will definetly give you some recommendations. This community doesn't dissappoint. I wish you luck as you traverse the drone world.
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