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NFZ and how to unlock license


May 4, 2018
Hi all-
I have been dealing with DJI trying to get an NFZ unlock for my MP. There was a fire in my area which triggered a NFZ yellow warning that stopped me from taking off.
I sucessfully unlocked the license by using my PC and then followed directions to check the go4 app. I synced the app under the unlock tab and it said successful but no license showed up. I guess it will show up in the app under general settings and unlock tab. Maybe so??
Online DJI chat said my problem is I am using an Apple iPad and it wasn't an approved mobile device. Really.
Now what - I know the unlock license will not work until tomorrow but will it show up on go4 earlier? Trying to get ducks in a row for an early AM start.
Any help will be appreciated.
Bill C
What I like about this web site is that I get to ask my question and then I can answer it. How cool is that.
For the sake of others who have or will have the dreaded NFZ
Went outside to get GPS like usual and started up the MP , controller and iPad. Yea , the same iPad that DJI said is not an approved device.
Next after the will not take off message ie NFZ
I taped the takeoff button on the screen
Now this is where it gets tricky and I can see why DJI was lost and said I was really messed up
When you press the takeoff button up pops a message as to why you can't take off and immediately offers the suggestion to let you get permission to do so.
Follow the prompts , I elected to get authorization code via my cell phone.
Text message gives me the code , I enter it in and wow DJI was not correct , the iPad does work
Immediately I could and did take off and flew way out out of LOS just because I could
Ran that battery down , put in another and controller remembered it had permission and MP took off like no NFZ
Maybe tomorrow I will need to reauthorize or not.
Spent lots of time (all day) with DJI and how simple it is - I think the chat guys need to work on this
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