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NFZ - One more reason to hate DJI


Mar 13, 2017
I have had no luck trying to fly today. I upgraded my ac and controller to the latest firmware. Went to fly and was told my house is now in an NFZ? I am about 5 miles from as small air park. Right on the edge of the NFZ according to their maps. Since it was a YELLOW NFZ I tried for about 2 hours to unlock the NFZ.

The first hurdle I had was the controller number does NOT show up in the Settings of the DJI APP despite being connected to the AC? I never did figure that out so I used the numbers near the scan code on the back of the controller (which is what I read was the controller SN). That appeared to work and the website congratulated me on the unlock for ONE DAY. Still no matter what I do the AC will not come out of the NFZ on the controller. Does anyone know how to clear this thing before I throw it against the wall?

How do I get the controller to acknowledge the NFZ has been cleared?
One last bit of info - when I go to the controller to refresh the unlock list it fails. I suspect the numbers I have for my RC Controller may be incorrect so it cannot synch with the dji server to show I cleared it. I assumed it would be tied to MY DJI account rather than the controller SN but I could be wrong. Any idea why the controller SN does not show up?
Refresh the FW on your controller and check that the app is logged in and able to connect to the internet.
Refresh the FW on your controller and check that the app is logged in and able to connect to the internet.

Thanks for the feedback. I have refreshed both the controller and the Aircraft. I have reinstalled the app with no luck. The serial number of the controller does not appear under the general settings as it should. Since the update I cannot change settings on the AC as to maximum height and RTH. when I do it changes for a second and then shifts back to 0. How would you check if the APP can communicate with the internet? It does login to my account and says I am connected. I have tried to refresh the cleared no fly zones but it fails to refresh. It seems I am stuck in NFZ Hell.

I do not see anyway to rollback this update as I thought that might be the problem as well.
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If you do a search on YouTube including the words mavic and nfz you will find a solution.
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