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No image transmission?


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Feb 19, 2018
Photo says it all. Boot arc, fire up app, turn on drone. Get the image transmission error. Then goes away after about 30 seconds. Ideas?


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You've got a very low Wifi signal there. Not sure if I've ever seen one that low. Were you standing by your drone?
Ya it was in hand. RC in other. Since this issue is new and never crashes or dropped, think it’s somethint related to software.

Did a full refresh and will test with apple cord.
The cord shouldn't make a difference, since the problem is between you remote and your vehicle, not your screen and your vehicle. Mostly I was just trying to point out that your image transmission signal, as such, isn't the problem. Your signal in general is.
Ya it picks up quick. Only noticed this since last update. I’ve turned on with both in arms since it was bought in feb. new error in the last month
Think you may be right with wifi. Been testing scenarios all day. Worked fine. Don’t know what would cause the wifi to boot up empty. Once it connects, the warning disappears.

Ideas as to why this would happen. Want to make sure it’s not a hardware issue
It could be all sorts of things -- a loose connection in your MA or you remote, severe interference, or just the inherent eccentricities of the **** thing. I'd keep an eye on it, but if you can't replicate it, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I use filters and always wondered if they cause issues over time. Even if you are delicate with the gimbal
Had it twice last weekend, once today. Tried a number of times today and didn’t come back. So will keep eyes In it
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