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One last try for Hit Film


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Sep 15, 2021
I have been trying to edit a wedding video for some friends, I have the Creator Pack for Hit Film, and it is always freezing up. When I was using HF Express, I didn't have these issues.
I found out that my GPU software did not survive the migration to WIN11 and I updated all that last night, so I hope that might solve my issues. Also I cannot get the preview pain to display video, it plays the audio....
I do not have the most amazing set up, but it should be more than capable of running HF without freezing and crashing.
AMD R5 3600 CPU
16 GB RAM.

I also have the free version of Davinci resolve, but I have not taken the time to lean it as it is more complicated than HF.
I am not opposed to buying another product, currently looking at Movie Studio 2023 Platinum, or maybe even the free program Vidoproc Vlogger.
Would like a simple (relatively speaking) to use option that supports basic LUTs and simi lightweight specs.

Any and all input is welcome.....not going to Premier Pro however.

Hello McG. Consider trying Shotcut. It is an open source (free) app that is very similar to the free version of DaVinci. It does not require as much computer power as DaVinci. I use it with just an the integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics630 GPU as opposed to a dedicated GPU, though, I do have 32 GB ram. Also, I use a proxy version of the original footage at a smaller resolution preview during editing functions so they do not stutter. I edit 4K footage using a proxy at 540. Works fine. There is easy access to the what-and-how of this at their forum and website and elsewhere. Exported files are at the original resolution (mine are 4K). Basic editing is very similar to most video editing wares and there is a lot of info and an excellent forum online.
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After the driver/software update Hit Film ran pretty solid, did about 5 hours of editing last night and got the bulk of it finished. My main issue was the camera that took the video feed split the recording into 5 files, and there were 2 files that lagged and were missing 2 sections of about 3-4 seconds each of capture, so I have these dead air gaps in 2 spots were the audio keeps going, the audio is a separate source....I did get is all lined up, but now have to figure out what to do with the dead spaces in the middle of a wedding video....I did not shoot the video, it was given to me, so not my fault.

After I am finished with this project, I will be moving to one of the open source/free programs, I looked at VideoProc Vlogger and it seems pretty good. I will also take a look at Shotcut this week if I get a chance.
did get is all lined up, but now have to figure out what to do with the dead spaces in the middle of a wedding video....I did not shoot the video, it was given to me, so not my fault.
This is when it's a good idea to have more than one camera filming the same scene so you can cut to the other camera when something happens.
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It was footage supplied to me by some friends from their vow renewal, I told them I would help them out and edit a video for them, I had no control, and this has turned into a headache. Also...the wife.... love her, and I understand she wants a great video, but I am no pro...and I wanted to use the camera audio...but wind and waves and the fact that the grooms has his back to the camera means it is not usable.
Going to test drive Filmora as well. I want to give the "Instant Mode" a try
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