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Opinions, which drone to buy


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Jan 15, 2023
Colorado, USA
Okay, here we go. I currently own: Autel Nano +, Air 2 S, and mini 3 Pro. Have my Trust certificate, with the A2 being registered with the FAA. I’m only a recreational flyer, but I’m learning how to take better shots/video’s including color grading for my own use. Looking to purchase either an Air three or mini 4 pro.
All my drones have relatively low cycle times. Should I, dump the A2 and get the Air 3, or dump the Mini 3 Pro and get the Mini 4 pro.

The A2 has one landing leg bent a bit(thanks to my grandson), but I have the replacement leg. Ive never installed it, because you can barely see it unless you look really close. So. I’ve never replaced it. The Air 2 has Never been crashed.

The nano+ has never been crashed either. It has 4 batteries.

The mini 3 pro did have a crash, but DJI refresh replaced with a new unit last week. It has 0 hours and never has been bound or registered. Still in the box. I did open the box to inspect the unit only.

All my drones have the flymore packages(extre batteries,props, soft cases)etc with hard cases.
Or just hang on to all and extend my fleet, because I can.
Your opinion(s) might sway me to either unit.

Westminster, Colorado
Sell the mini 3 pro without the batteries and get the mini 4 pro standard package (containing 1x battery and std controller w/o screen)
I probably wrong, but I thought the M3P standard batteries would not work in the m4p Only the extended batteries would. Might be wrong on both counts
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Thanks for all the input. Very appreciated!
Thanks Capt KO,
Any input will I’m sure help make a decision
The Air 3 does an amazing job
Lycus Tech Mavic Air 3 Case

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