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Possible battery mod using old mavic pro clip


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Dec 14, 2016
I have an old battery mod clip from my Mavic Pro. With some slight modification it fits the Mavic 2 as well. According to pin out as shown on charger, this should work. I will verify soon. Already had my Mavic 2 Pro out over 26k ft stock. Looking forward to see how far it can go.

Here are pictures of battery clip. Motors start with clip in place.

20180829_224716.jpg 20180829_224756.jpg received_1710577485731003.jpeg


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So, any results??

Yes, works perfectly, even better than on Mavic Pro 1. I got 39 minutes flight time running full speed in P mode. This is with only 1 Multistar 4000 mah LiHV. Additionally, I charged up the external to 4.40V and didn't see any issue with internal switching off like it used to on the original Mavic. No issues at all. The external weighs 333 grams. Mavic 2 will easily carry 2. I can imagine 47-48 minutes at least with 2 externals.
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Thanks for sharing, this is great!

Can you post a picture of the external battery and charger, and information reguarding both. I’d like to purshase the same set as yours for my M2P.

Thank you,
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Wow nice post Nate. Will there also be an option for internal modding like with the original Mavic? I like the cleaner look of the connectors being flush mounted to the underside
Discolouration on those terminals is making me nervous, suggests there is less than ideal electrical contact causing excessive heat :S
Discolouration on those terminals is making me nervous, suggests there is less than ideal electrical contact causing excessive heat :S

That clip is an old one that I used on my original Mavic Pro. I had temporarily soldered it to the pins for better contact back on my old mavic pro. For the Mavic 2 I didn't solder. It had a good connection which is evident in the external battery voltage matching the internal battery after flight. Mavic 2 is 4s which helps a lot to reduce current flow and heat. The clip worked much better on mavic 2 than it did on Mavic 1.
Yeah the 4s is a big plus for the safety of these things :)

Great to see someone already trying these sorts of mods. This aircraft should respond well to this, since you can add more battery mass relative to the aircraft weight than you could with prior mavic versions...
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