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Questions Regarding Zoom With Software vs Drone Digital Zoom


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Oct 11, 2022
Ohio, USA
I have been wanting to start using dlog with my Air2s for awhile now but i use x2 zoom a lot and as we all know you can not zoom while in dlog mode. I have noticed often in the forums and other places that people claim they would rather use software to zoom in editing rather than use the digital zoom on the drone... I personally use Powerdirector and Davinci Resolve to edit my drone footage but have found it difficult to zoom because there is no real good way of seeing the end product of the zoom/edit until after rendering. There is nothing more annoying than zooming in with powerdirector or davinci resolve only to find out after the render that i have zoomed to far in and now the picture is pixelated.

I have been searching youtube and other places for a tutorial on how to zoom in while being able to judge what is to far and what is not but i have not been able to find anything. I just keep getting results in regards to dolly zoom and other similar methods..... If anybody has any recomendations or links to videos explaining how to do it without ending up with pixelated shots i would appreciated it. Or simply point me in the right direction on how it is done .... Thanks.

I have not posted any of my nasty zoom edits except for this one... So here is an example of horrible zoom and color grading edits of mine.

I have watched several videos on how to do this but for some reason today these two videos seemed to click in my brain and i now have a better handle on it. Neverthless, I am still having a hard time using keyframes/zoom when circling an object/target with the drone.

I regret, Scott, that I do not have the patience to watch 15 minutes of video and try to determine what you're referring to. Please post a 30 second clip showing the exact place in your video the problem is occurring.

In any case, zooming in post is done with key frame driven cropping, as you've learned. Here's a bit from you footage, zoomed in an then out. I did this on my phone using PowerDirector mobile.

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