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Mini 3 Red Screes - Lake District, UK


Oct 21, 2023
This was my first visit to the Lake District and was so blown away by the views that I am already planning a return trip next year. There is no scenery anything like this down south!

We wanted to try and get up at least one summit but with only limited time, wet weather drawing in and two young children in tow, an all day climb wasn't going to happen. So to make the most of our time we decided to drive the Kirkstone Pass, the highest road in the Lake District (or so google told me) and see what we could do from there.

From the Kirkstone Pass car park we took the main footpath to start climbing Red Screes, following the stone stepped path. We went as far as we could, but the peaks were engulfed in cloud and the pathway wet and slippery, but the kids did great. We will be back next year for sure to conquer a summit!

Due to the low cloud I didn't get quite the range of shots I hoped for, so the video is quite short. Bust compensated by going quite moody with the colour grading. 😁

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Nice video!
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I really enjoyed it. Great footage & flying. I thought the soundtrack was perhaps a little over dramatic, but it suited I guess.
Thank you.

I must admit, overly dramatic music on videos that don't contain any dramatic scenery is one of my pet hates. I didn't quite manage the range of footage that I wanted, so just ended up going wild and having a bit of fun with the editing, even if it meant breaking one of my own rules.
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