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Replacement MP motors


Jul 18, 2018
Anyone know if the MP motors are CW CCW or as I'm beginning to think. .It's just that black plate
Also. . Are all 4 the same type
After a heavy crash due to loosing FPV as previously posted I have 2 slightly dented front motors though these feel free to turn they feel heavier than the rear pair.. as if they are a slightly uprated motor.
I don't remember if they were always like that. MP seems to drive them ok no load bit nervous about trying them until the whole thing is back together again

I've ordered 2 from eBay buy I'm a bit unsure as to if they are genuine as they were only £5 each .. Does anyone have any experience with changing the front motors it looks like I'll have to dremel the bottom of the arms to get the cable through it wouldn't budge.

Sorry for the long post

I have seen on eBay where they offer each arm with the motor installed already . Your drone will have 2 CW motors and 2 CCW motors
@Thunderdrones please reply to my post.
Maybe you might understand what page I'm at here .. I'm aware I can get the arms as a complete but at ~10X the cost of the motors only I'm pretty prepared to get the dremel out if the motors are the as the rear pair / pair I ordered from China
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Yup, the difference would be anything that attaches to the motor (hub, etc) but the basic electrical should be the same. Let us know how you get on. :)
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What came was 2 used rear motors
Due to a very slightly overzealous dremeling I had to opt back to new arms but it was close. .. I just nicked the ant. Coax.
All motors are the same. Rotation is determined by how they are wired to the board. The board shows which colour wire is soldered to its connector

Plastic rings are screwed to the rotating part are colour coded as in with or without a white ring for direction of spin
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