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Residue in/on camera


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Jul 26, 2017
Just unboxed my M2P and found this residue on/in the camera.
It feels a bit sticky but not glue sticky. It's definitely not water.
I will try to clean it with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth and see if that helps.
Worried that the lens will be contaminated though but can't see if that's the case until I power up the drone.



There is also white glue residue between the black plastic and metal frame as you can see in one of the pictures.


And I also have dents on the roll gimbal motor that exact matches the plastic parts behind it. They are also scratched. Guess if you're a bit careless when you mount the gimbal protector you will push back the gimbal so this happens.



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Not sure if this would explain your situation but someone posted on a DJI facebook post that the gimbal is glued on :eek:

The liquid on the lens is troubling but hopefully alcohol will remove as you plan to attempt. I'd use very little on a qtip, if I were going to try it at all.
We've all been seeing those marks on the back of the gimbal- they should rub off and hopefully won't reappear.

The hysteria over glue being used to hold the camera to the gimbal is getting tiredsome. I'm sure DJI will jump all over it if it is deemed to be an issue.. how else are they supposed to attach it efficiently so that it never shifts position? We'd all be surprised at how many things we rely on are held together by industrial glue made for various purposes. This isn't the 1920's.
Trust me, I'm all for the glue. I sell the stuff at work.

But I think they used the wrong glue in the removable lens protection frame.

When I got home from work and looked again the residue seemed to have dried out.


So I cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and it was gone.
Inspected the lens protection and noticed that the glass in it was somewhat milky and there was glue residues all around.
Cleaned that too with the alcohol and all of a sudden the glass came loose from the frame.


Well, well, cleaned those two parts too and glued the glass back in the frame. Now it looks better than before. :)

Now time to power the bird up, update and check if the camera looks ok.
For $1500, I would send that back. They’ll send you another. Yours must have been assembled on a Friday.
It all looked good when I powered it up and shot some testvideos so I have decided to keep it for now. The worst thing that can happen is that I have to use my DJI Care some time in the future.
But that’s money outta your pocket because of their shoddy craftsmanship.
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