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Sandy Cape Western Australia


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May 4, 2018
Hello all. Here is a 3rd video attempt using a Mavic Pro with ND16 and some clumsy video editing with LumaVision (still trying to figure it all out) Looking forward to feedback. Especially on video editing. Cheers!
Nice mate!
Not much I would pick on the editing??
Even though you are using an ND filter...keep an eye on the histogram..... way too over exposed in sections..
Or, edit the exposure in post...
Horizon!! Way out at times!!! Either calibration, or edit in post?!
I hate that Horizon issue, I get it too, and sometimes forget when you are so engrossed in getting the shot!!!
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Thanks for the feedback Simmo! I am very inexperienced at post editing and really don’t understand how to make necessary colour adjustments on LumaFusion yet. More or less trying to work off YouTube tutorials.The sand really had an impact on the overexposure issue I recon. Maybe a ND32 would have helped? Not sure what to do with horizon? Is it supposed to be edited? I don’t use histogram as not really sure how it works? Like I said, am very new to this. I do appreciate you taking the time to comment. Cheers!
Well done Andy. Great feedback from Simmo, but having said that I enjoyed the vide mate. Looks a great area to shoot video. Keep up the good work.
Sandy cape is a great spot. Go carava ing there often. Now i have a MP looking forward to doing some flying there.
Thanks for the feedback all! I understand the horizon issues now after researching a bit. I need to rotate and crop to keep it level. Will maybe re-edit. Colour grading still needs work but will learn over time. Trial and error but good fun learning! Yes Bushie, this is our favourite destination for long weekend getaways!