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Air 3 Sheriff's Brow Viaduct - 2 bridges over the River Ribble


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Aug 3, 2022
Manchester, UK
A target of opportunity on our recent Dales / Lancs trip, Sherrif's Brow Viaduct over the in-spate River Ribble...

The third flying stop on our trip, and a good view over the valley of the 2 rail bridges over the River Ribble, although lots of trees and branches overhanging the river, and a long steep descent in to the river meant I had to take plenty of care - hence the slow speed of the flight...

A spot that has potential for something more, especially if a train was passing, but despite the cold I managed to capture sufficient footage for a slow chilled out video, which will appeal to some and not to others, but that is as it should be..

NIce! Smooth and slow is the way to go in that situation.
Thanks, it was a case of better safe than sorry...
So relaxing. Nice choice of music.
Thank you, it was the second piece I tried, the original piece was too fast and loud... I had to make some edits to the music to fit it to the video, and remove some human voices, but it worked out ok..
wonderful subject for video. enjoyed it. perfect pace. wish you went under the railroad bridge, good use of drone.

yes, music was good.
Thanks... I did consider flying under the bridge, but thetrees were giving me the heebee jeebies, and my original subject was the rapids and the other bridge, so I turned around.. Too soon I agree, I should have sent the AVATA and flown under the bridge, but gves me a reason to return...
Awesome video!
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As usual, very well done. Really enjoyed it. Just me, but I would have liked you to fly under one of the bridges.
As usual, very well done. Really enjoyed it. Just me, but I would have liked you to fly under one of the bridges.
Thansk both... Yes, beautiful scenery, but bitterley cold... I should have done a flight under the bridge, but was looking to do a reveal instead... And tbh flying up I should also have gone higher for a bigger reveal, but it was so cold I was beginning to shake and my control was not as steady as it had been, so had to cut the video there...

I will take another trip there at some point though and fly under the bridges..
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