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Skyreat ND filter set review


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Oct 13, 2016
Yesterday, I obtained some ND filters from Skyreat. Full disclosure, these were provided at no cost to me.

I've not had a huge amount of time with these but I thought I'd post a quick look as I know many folk are bemoaning the lack of ND filters in the Fly More kit.

The kit came with 5 ND filters and a polarizer.


The filters are made of plastic but feel well made.


They are very light. Lighter in fact than the DJI lens shroud!



So, by using these you save a whole 0.12g! You can use that to - I don't know - add a sticker? Or maybe some dust?

I shot the same image sat on my garden table, exposed for the sky with each filter and without. All in manual mode with manual WB and ISO.

No filter - 1/500s

ND8 - 1/60s

ND16 - 1/30s

ND32 - 1/15s

ND64 - 1/12.5

ND128 - 1/5s

Polarizer - 1/240s

As you can see, there is very little colour cast caused by the filters. Maybe a touch of additional warmth. No additional vignetting either.

Here's a quick Youtube of no filter at 1/400s vs ND8 at 1/30. Shot at 30fps.

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Overall, I like these and would buy them with my own money. They seem to do the job they are for. At £49 they are good value compared to the DJI ones. My only complaint is that with the very fast lens on the Mini 3, I wish they started at ND32 and went up to ND512. On a bright day, I don't think ND128 is going to be enough.
Thanks for the review, Rilot.
I got the Aluminum set for review and am awaiting delivery of the M3P.

Out of the box I was impressed by the build quality. The machining of the aluminum was well done and they felt solidly made but also lightweight. Checked the circular polarizer and the ring has a smooth turning action and nice polarizing effect just using it up to the eye. I really like that the case has magnets to help keep the lid closed and it looks like should fit the clear lens protector that comes with the M3P when using the filters. Something the DJI ND filter case does not allow.

A well made and useful product and I'm anxious to test them in the sky!
I picked up some of these last week and got to finally try them out today. First time trying ND filters on the M3P, and, oh what a world of difference they make for video! Being able to get that motion blur from setting the shutter speed to 2x frame rate really makes the footage look professional. It looked so choppy before.

I agree, these seem to be really nice build quality. I got the aluminum set.

I guess the only thing I'm wondering is - is ND 128 enough? It's not even full sun here today and I feel like I'd have liked to have had an ND 256 to try. Even though the ND 128 worked OK for my purposes today, I feel like there are days I could need stronger filtering.

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