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Some questions


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Oct 14, 2018
When I purchased my DJI MAVIC 2 Zoom without any problems, I flew on an accumulator up to 32 minutes on an accumulator from 100% to 0%, while successfully landing on the ground at a rate of 0%. After some time, after the updates, the drone flies only 26 minutes and sits down at the rate of 7%, while at the same time it does not let the screws run and fly using these 7%. The second question concerns the work of the FCC, can I either activate this communication mode, using the full potential of the drone in Russia? The third question consists in ascent how at the moment it is possible to bypass the ban on height in 500 meters from a take-off point?
First off you should not be running your battery down to 0%, you may have damaged that battery and that may be the reason for shorter flight times. Most would suggest no lower than 10%, I try to get down around the 25% area unless I really need to finish up something. I have never gone below 15 %.
0% on the Go scale shouldn't be an issue, as long as it didn't go past 0, which it might if still in flight. 0% is still within the voltage safety margin. I wouldn't recommend pushing it that far all the time though. At least follow RTH recommendations and don't push too much past 10% when it goes to critical landing.
Once at or below 10%, motors will not start. That's normal.
31 minutes is under specific conditions, which we usually are not in. Based on my recording lengths, I probably get 23 minutes of flight time. 26 minutes is probably quite good for how you probably flew.
It is an issue... If you want your batts the main thing that keeps you in the air to stay in good health do not!! fly it down to 0 ever.. land it at 30% and you will have a good long life..
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