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Specifying precise waypoints using RC2

You can have the Air3 take a photo at each waypoint. It will continue. You would need to space your waypoints to the distance you require.

This is what I have been trying to do manually, but given the size of the property (>250 acres) manually inputting hundreds of waypoints is a bit impractical.
I’m using an Air 3. Do Litchi outputs for Mavic 3 work on both drones?
Yes. My "Litchi To Mavic 3 Waypoints" converter also works for the Air 3. That is why I recommended it.
I have tons of data about the property in question in Google Earth Pro. If I could bring .kmls or .kmzs from Earth into the Air3 map, then I could know exactly where the drone is at. (Using the basic maps, including the blurry satellite imagery, in the controller is not adequate.)
If you save a kml file from Google Earth Pro, you can import that into Litchi's Mission Hub. From there you can export it as a CSV file then use my converter to convert it to a DJI Fly mission.

I know that is a lot of steps but we have to work within the constraints that DJI creates.
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